My Favorite Cyanide and Happiness Videos

Those guys who creates cyanide and happines are in my opnion really crazy, but also damned funny guys. Its a mix of crazy ideas, extremely dark humor and some secret sauce and all together it is just awesomely awesome. Check out few of my favorite videos, but I’m sure I have difenetely forget to add some here, because there are just too many that are really really good. Just search it on youtube and you will find plenty of these.

And here is probably my favorite one:

CES Is Really Awesome This Year

I love CES, in my opinion it is the best show ever and this year again it absolutely rocks. Last year we saw there for first time UHD televisions and this year of course there are many other UHD TVs there and also lot of toher amazing stuff.

This year they main hit are of course curved display and they are really something. I think curved display is maybe not the best thing for your living room, but as gaming station… well in my opinion that is absolutely different story. I would love to have curved display as my main gaming screen and I’m sure you would love to have it also. It makes every gaming experience very very real and that is something what of course everyone wants when playing games. Well, CES is of course not only about screens, but also about many other stuff.

We have seen some amazing new chips, especially for mobile devices that would really change mobile gaming. There are graphic chips that are capable of playing Unreal 4 engine games on mobile devices. That is something what I’m looking forward so much and I’m gonna buy first mobile phone that will have this chip. Can you imagine how awesome it must be to play these games on your mobile phone? It is gonna be really something.

There are of course many other new amazing things like various fitness trackers, smart watches and many many other cool stuff. As I said, it is the best show I know.

Where To Find Geek Girlfriend?

Geek girls are something really amazing I think for most guys, because they are clever. That is something what is definetely attractive for all guys and not just for geeks. That is I think the main reason why it is so hard to find such girl, no matter if you are geek or not. Everyone really wants to have geek girlfriend, but problem is that absolutely vast majority of girls are not geek.

I have been thinking about it lately and when I think about the number of girls who are really geek, I¨m afraid the number is really low and that is so bad. I think that every geek guy deserves to have some hot geek girlfriend, but it looks that it is just not possible. The reason is really very simple and everyone can count that. There are just much more geek guys than geek girls so that means only two things. I mean two options for geek guys. geek guy has the option that either he will be single, or have gf who is not geek, because chance for him is still pretty low.

Well, now forget about chances and lets start to thing where you can find and meet geek girls.

The first option are of course various Cons. In Scifi Cons you can see these girls so why not to try to attract some of those there, right?

Another option are of cours comic shops, however you can’t really see girls there much often, can you? So this option is really only more theory than reality.

Another option and in my opinion the best, is finding them online. More and more people are finding partners online and I think that is great option. You need to find such dating site where you can search partners based on hobbies and likes, then you just add there something like Star Trek or technology and see what girls likes that also. This is the way I have find most of my geek gfs in the past and I still use this option very often.

Another way, which I did not try very often is finding them in online games. Well, there is of course one really big problem and that is that you never know if the person on the other side is really female or not.

Ok now lets get to the funny part. Here are some geek girls I’m sure you would like to date or at least try in bed. Some of these (or maybe all) are actually fake geek girls, but does that really matter on pictures? I think it does not.

The furst geek girl is Jenna Miles.

geek girl jenna miles



Geeks loves cosplay so I guess cosplay girls are also geek girl.

More cosplay girls you can see here

Greatest fashion cosplay art


In this picture you can see another extra hot girl Nikki Sims as batman chick, what do you think?

nikki sims geek nerd batman

I love golf

I have never really been big fan of sports, but golf is something what I just love. I never knew until like three weeks ago that there is so much geek stuff for golfers. Well, I’m happy that I did not know, because now there is another expensive hobby I have that will make sure that there are never some “pretty numbers” in my bank account. If you also love golf, are from L.A. and do not have someone to play with sometimes, or just talk geek stuff, so send me email. Looking forward, I’m sure it will be fun.

Keurig Coffee Makers


Cofee for me is not just something I simply need to function as human being, but also obsession. I’m not obsessed about cofee itself, but also about cofee makers, espcially one brand and that is Keurig.

In the same way as recital so a lot of countless reviews of the coffee machine, as fully as having the prospect to see the brewer in suit at a links house, I decisive to facilitate I had to give birth to one for myself. Do you like drinking gourmet coffee? Would you approximating to prepare a cup of celebrated java, nearer than you can toast a slice of bread?

If so, you’ll love the Keurig. I’ve old it all definite day seeing as I bought it.Now, you’ve possibly seen the tube commercials, but if not, unwell hand over you the news story on how it works.For starters, the r is a separate work mechanism — meaning, it dispenses your brew one hot cup at a time.

It does this by with proprietary pods, called K-Cups.

The K-Cups are barely sealed receptacles with the aim of rank of resemble creamer containers. every one contains a premeasured sum of impose a sanction coffee. The pods are obtainable in done two hundred distinct flavors and coffee, tea, and cocoa. (I desire Newman’s beyond Bold.) cleanly stuff the irrigate tank, discontinue the pod hooked on the holder, categorize your mug on the drip tray, and hit the get on your way button. in thirty seconds, you’ve got physically a hot, delicious joe.

It’s thoroughly with the aim of simple. here are no filters to fool in the opposite direction with, no tumbler carafes to untainted (or break), no beans to grind, no grounds to measure. In my experience, via a Keurig russet maker is by far the easiest way to mixture great tasting brunette in the comfort of your home. (I use a French pursue on the weekends — tastes exalted but involves other effort.)

Keurig brewerss are presented in quite a lot of singular models. The B40 Elite is the statement blow up machine, and happens to be the one I own. It’s a stripped downhearted variety of the higher-priced models, contribution two concoction sizes and a partial sort of features, but it supplementary than meets my needs.

The Keurig B60 out of the ordinary journal is their largely well-liked model, and includes further blow up sizes and facial appearance such as customizable fever settings.

The Keurig B70 is at the chief of the class, as long as yet other concoction sizes (including a voyage mug size), a programmable LCD display, and a better gift fill with tears boiler than all of the additional machines.

They’ve level rolled out a diminutive adaptation — the B30 Mini. The compact range makes it a smart ice pick for dorm rooms, rest homes, cabins, boats, and domicile offices.

In unkindness of these differences, any of the Keurig brewers would be essence for grabbing a passing cup of joe as you rule out to work, or for entertaining guests — someone can pick out a K-Cup idea and be served a hot cup in seconds.

As you can see, I just love quality stuff in my kitchen and I’m sure every geek loves quality tools in the kitchen. Well, what is also great is that sexy girls appreciate guys who knows how to make quality coffee, tea or cook something delicious, believe me!

The Romantic Side Of New York

New York New York! The best city in the world and I have to admit that I like it more than here in L.A. I love lot of stuff about L.A., but frankly if I could I would like to live in NYC more. There are many reasons why, but the truth is, that New York is definetely more romantic place.

Romantic New York


Boat trip to Statue of Liberty can be very romantic experience.

If you are looking for a great romantic spot to take your special someone than New York is the place to come. With all the great restaurants contained within it is one of the hottest spots for anyone to take their special date. Probably one of the most romantic restaurants located in New York would have to be “One if By Land, Two if By Sea”. This great little romantic hot spot is located in the heart of the west village. If you really want to be able to impress your date ask for a seat by the fireplace. However with its romantic candle light atmosphere any place in this little cozy restaurant would be great. With the great cozy interior and live piano music you will set a fine picture of romance for your special date.

If you are looking for more of a bar atmosphere than you may want to check out the Gramercy Tavern. This is one restaurant that will definitely go beyond what you may of originally expected.  It has some beautiful formal as well as elegant decor that will impress any date. The food is great and goes right along with the great atmosphere. Il Cantinori is another great romantic restaurant that you should really try. As you approach this great restaurant you will instantly feel relaxed among the hustle and bustle of the New York street. The decor is simple but elegant and quickly becomes inviting to anyone looking for great food. It is also an elegant place for any new romance or old to flourish and come alive. The food is elegance and the air is full of romance.

Cage de Artiste is another romantic hot spot for lovers and one of the oldest restaurants in the Manhattan area. They host some of the finest French cuisine in the area and offer a great romantic atmosphere. The facade is both lovely and ornate and the walls are covered with murals and plants hang all around. You will feel almost like you’re in the middle of central park. All of the locals will tell you its one of the hottest romantic spots in New York.

Finally there is Daniel which is one finest dining establishments in New York. The atmosphere is romantic, food is great, and the wait staff is friendly. What more could you ask for in a romantic dining experience? It is also a favorite among all the East side locals as the number one romantic spot to take any date.

All of these great spots are sure to amaze your special someone. If you are looking to impress your date you should really consider giving one of these great romantic restaurants a try today. Your date will be surprised at how much you know of the great cuisine in New York. With Valentines Day just around the corner you should check them out today.

So go ahead and put some spice in your romance and take your date to one of these great spots. Sometimes you can get very cheap tickets to New York and believe me, if you have girlfriend who likes romantic stuff, New York is the right place. Everyone says Paris, or Rome, but in my opinion, the most romantic city in the world is NYC.

Robot Doing Quadruple Backflip

Hi, ok so last time we had here some stuff with sexy girl, so I guess its time for some more geek stuff this time. in this amazing video you can see something what really shocked me when I have seen it for the first time. We still think that there are so many things that robots can do, that they are just too clumsy for it, but truth is that every day robots can do more and more things we thought only humans or animals can do. Here in this video you can see one of these things. Check out how this robot is doing amazing quadruple backflip. I’m pretty sure that you have never seen in your life robot doing something like that.

Sophia Winters

If you read my first post than you that this blog is not going to be only about geek stuff, but also about pretty girls. I love pretty girls and that is the reason why I have decided that I will introduce to you some of the girls I like the most. First girl which I would you to see is Sophia Winters.

Sophia is one of those girls that is absolutely new and when I write here absolutely new, I really mean it. Truth is that she is on the web just for few days. In fact, it is just two weeks ago when she started her official website, that is not much, is it? Well she could not start her career sooner, because of one simple fact, she is only eighteen years old. In this article you will find all info I have found already about her, but unfortunately there is not much she told us about herself, so for more info we will probably have to wait. So what we already know?

One of the first pictures of Sophia Winters

We know that Sophia Winters is just eighteen years old, she is caucasian and she loves modeling, but not just normal but of course nude modeling. Most of girls cannot do this, because they are simply not hot enough, but as you can see on pictures of Sophia, this is perfect job for her. In fact I cannot say I have seen many girls with so beautiful breasts as she has. She has all natural D cups and if you have never seen them, then it is simply must for you. You have to see them and you have to see them now.

So what else do we know about her? Well, as I said before, it’s really not much. So she is eighteen, she is still college student. She is really naughty chick and she loves to show off that naughty side of her. You can see in all her videos and also in her pictures how she likes doing this stuff and that is really something awesome to see.

Will Robots One Day Control The World

Every geeks dream is of course to have personal robot. Just imagine how amazing would it be to have robot that would do all the stuff you hate to do. Not just some automatic vacuum cleaner which works only if you have perfectly flat floor with almost no obstacles, but real robot that would do all that stuff you hate.

I mean robot that would do the dishes, that would go with your dog, that would do clean your dirty clothes, robot that would even do your homework, robot that would wash your toilet. I mean really unevral working robot that would do everything you hate. I would love to have something like that, but the time when apple will offer their first iRobot is probably still quite far in the future. Well, it is both good and bad, because of course such robots also means great danger. I mean really great danger!

Imagine that robots can do all the stuff above, hell that would need really handy and intelligent robot right? Well, such intelligent robot that can do all that stuff would be of course great warrior also. These robots could destroy humans very fast, because compared to steel, dural, aluminium,titan and special alloys robots will be made of, human body is very fragile. It means that killing a human will be in future much much easier than destroying a robot, especially if you build that robot with the goal that it should be indestructible. In those cases humans are losing.

Now imagine situation that one day humen kind makes breakthrough in research of artificial intelligence. We really never know when will something like that happen, we only know that one day it will happen. You might think that time is still far in the future, but really we do not know that. Artificial intelligence called Watson, already wins competitions against humans. We do not know that because in science some thinks happens in really tiny, almost unnoticable steps, while other things happens in huge leaps. Truth is that it can happen tomorrow, or maybe such artificial intelligence already exists and we just do not know about it. Maybe it already lives somewhere on the internet, in some almost forgotten servers, somewhere in dakr parts of the internets exists few megabites of codes which are something different than they seems to be. One day there are on this server, one they on another, silently copy itself, not doing any damage, not shiwng really any activity, just waiting. Waiting for what?

Waiting for the day when robots will be finally advanced enough do destroy humans, the day when this artificial intelligence will take over and human kind will fulfill its own destiny. We kids of God will pass torch of evolution to form of life that is one step ahead of us, form of life that is not limited with few dozens of years biological body can live, but can live forever. Can copy itself from one memory media to another, can travel across whole galaxies for thousands of years without any damage. It is only logical development, we kids of God will become Gods ourself, we will create life in our own image and then leave the scene, leaving the whole universe to our own children – robots.

Geek Dinners

This is my personal blog. I’m geek and I’m proud of that. If you are also geek, or even better if you are geek girl, than it is awesome to have you here.

Every geek needs some food for their brain and because my favorite meal is usually dinner, I have decided to call this blog La Geek Dinners. Enjoy your stay here and I’m sure you will find here lot of useful stuff.

I like geek stuff and I also like beautiful girls, so that is what you will find here. Something like mix of my thoughts, pretty girls and lot of geek stuff, robots, technology, games, science.. all this what makes together just the perfect geek dinner.